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A Letter to the Editor – Unpublished….

July 3, 2011

I am not sure if this will get published, but I decided to put it out there anyway…

Yes, another one of my views and how I see it…

Ahh…freedom of expression!

This is a Letter to the Editor.

It has been to my understanding for quite some time now, that during the “Election Season” people are allowed to make endorsements for the candidates, however, any negative comments or attacks on candidates would not be allowed.

Why then does the Southbridge Evening News allow Mr. Marketti’s attacks against two of our local candidates be allowed in the News Paper? The two cartoons I refer to are those of Dr. O’Leary, who is running for re-election on our School Committee, and Catherine Nikolla, who is running for re-election for Town Council.

This appears to a “double standard” as the election is less than two weeks away now. Are there a different set of rules for our local cartoon artist, or should the same set of rules apply to him as well?


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